Find out more about who you’ll meet at the Heartbreak.
Debbie Lesley – High School debating team champion, country club princess and a budding school actress – she also owns her own golf convertible. Tall, pretty with blonde tresses, you’re likely to find her playing tennis with her boyfriend Grant or walking the school halls with her best friend Pam. Her style? Designer pink loafers and jeans, topped with a white silk flowing shirt and a bow in her hair.
Joe Garbarini – He’s tall, dark and moody and goes to school at Harbor High. A loyal Italian grandson, you’re likely to find him working at the Heartbreak Café with a gaggle of girls watching him from the corner booth. He drives a motorcycle, plays by his own rules, is charming and knows it. His style? Black leather biker jacket, black worn jeans and black t-shirt.
Pam Paulson - Pam’s loyal, steadfast and the best of friends to Debbie. They’ve known each other forever. Sensible without being boring. Intelligent, witty and addicted to chocolate; she’s got a keen sense when reading people with hidden depths we’ve yet to see. Her style? Floral dresses and billowing skirts.
Grant Buckley – He plays football, tennis and is The Most Popular Senior at Oakview - Debbie’s school. He’s affluent, composed and heading for Law School. He likes to drive along the coast with his girlfriend Debbie in his Alfa Romeo - his pride and joy. His style? You’ll find him wearing a pink polo shirt, khaki trousers and a tan.
A beautiful bombshell - Barbie with dark hair. Her strengths include street fashion. Weaknesses, well…. common sense. The National Enquirer magazine is her bible, which tells you a lot about her beliefs. With a hint of naive vulnerability and a serious crush on Joe, she’s armed with skin-tight clothes and sultry moves to get him. Her style? Denim hot pants and crop tops.
He loves the ocean and its waves, and was born to surf. I wily blonde Adonis, he’ll flirt his way through free drinks and a meal or two anytime - and you’ll love him for it. A sunny disposition with a wild devil-may-care attitude that goes had-in-hand with the dangers of the crashing sea. His style? Hawaiian shorts and skin – ever-ready for the waves.
Intensity personified, the perpetual fan of the B-Movie Genre. He’ll reel you in without you wanting him to, with his tales of green monsters and disembodied hands crawling across your living room floor. Shy but emboldened by his enthusiasm for the movies, his nervous energy will keep you on your toes. His style? Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman black T-shirt, black jeans and black -rimmed glasses.